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Prerequisite Permission for Principles of Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Microbiology

Non-degree students who have taken their prerequisites outside of Hunter will need to contact the course administrator and show the prerequisite work that they have done. The prerequisites are as follows:

  • BIOL 10000 (Principles of Biology I): Requires MATH 12550 (Pre-calculus) AND CHEM 10200 (General Chemistry I). Calculus can be taken in place of pre-calculus.
  • BIOL 10200 (Principles of Biology II): Requires BIOL 10000 (Principles of Biology I). Students who took Principles I outside of Hunter will also need to show that they've taken General Chemistry.
  • BIOL 12000 (Anatomy & Physiology I): Requires CHEM 10000 (General Chemistry Lecture) AND CHEM 10100 (General Chemistry Lab). Other General Chemistry courses (10200, 10400, 10600) can be taken in place, but both lecture and lab are required.
  • BIOL 12200 (Anatomy & Physiology II): Requires BIOL 12000 (Anatomy & Physiology I). Students who took A&P I outside of Hunter will also need to show that they've taken General Chemistry lecture & lab.
  • BIOL 23000 (Microbiology): Requires either BIOL 12000 (Anatomy & Physiology I) or both BIOL 10000 AND BIOL 10200 (Principles of Biology I & II), as well as General Chemistry (CHEM 10000 & 10100 or equivalent).

Prerequisite issues are handled by the lecture instructor for each course. Please send an email including an unofficial pdf transcript showing the relevant courses (highlighted if possible).  Faculty emails are listed under "Faculty Staff & Students" above.


Registering for BIOL 10000/10200

BIOL 10000/10200 at Hunter consists of three different components: Lecture, Lab and Recitation.  In a change from previous semesters, students may now register for any combination of lab and lecture, although recitation sections must still be chosen from the group associated with the chosen lecture (indicated by 1R or 2R).  The lecture is the enrollment component, so you would start by choosing from the two options.  You may then choose any recitation associated with the lecture you picked, and then finally you may enroll in any of the lab sections for the course regardless of whether they start with 1L or 2L.  All students must take all three components, and you will be required to attend the lecture, lab and recitation that you have registered for (you may not change partway through the semester).

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