Biology Seminars Spring 2024

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Department of Biological Sciences Inga Richter Spring 2024 Seminar Series

In memory of a former doctoral student lnga R. Richter. Inga was dedicated to her students and profession. She felt that her teaching responsibilities did not stop in the classroom; they stopped when her students understood. Seminars are held on Mondays in Room 926 North (69th Street between Park and Lexington) at 12:30PM or via Zoom.
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Monday Feb.5
Ecological understanding of gut microbiome as a complex adaptive system in human health and disease
Dr. Liping Zhao
Rutgers University
Host: Dr. Weigang Qiu


Thursday* Feb.22 (Zoom)
Small Molecule Signals from Gut Microbes to the Brain
Dr. Brittany Needham
Indiana Univ School of Medicine
Host: Dr. Rabindra Mandal

Zoom link:

Passcode: 748749


Monday Feb 26
The Next Generation of Cancer Immunotherapy
Dr. Tom Marron
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Host: Dr. Jayne Raper


Monday March 4
Understanding the Role and Regulation of a Positive Feedback Loop Driving Toxoplasma Chronic Differentiation
Dr. Haley Licon
Whitehead Institute
Host: Dr. Jayne Raper


Monday March 11
Chromatin Dysregulation in Cancer and Developmental Disorders
Dr. Lijuan Feng
Rockefeller University
Host: Dr. Hualin Zhong


Monday March 18 (Zoom)
Modulation of chromatin structure in tumor evolution
Dr. Elisa Oricchio
Swiss Institute of Experimental Cancer Research
Host: Dr. Andrew Wolfe

Zoom link:

Passcode: chromatin


Monday March 25
Parallel Dopamine Circuit Dynamics of Cognitive and Affective Adaptations to Social Stress
Dr. Carole Morel
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Host: Dr. Allyson Friedman


Monday April 1
Cellular responses to injury in the human peripheral nervous system
Dr. Paula V. Monje
Univ of Kentucky College of Medicine
Host: Dr. Carmen Melendez-Vasquez


Monday April 8
Exploring stem cell and germ cell niches in the tapeworm Hymenolepis diminuta
Dr. Tania Rozario
Univ of Georgia
Host: Dr. Jayne Raper


Monday April 15
A Gene Choice Enhancer Generates a Monoclonal Nose Expressing Predominantly One Odor Receptor in Mice
Dr. Masayo Omura
Hunter College
Host: Dr. Paul Feinstein


Monday May 6
Chasing the ICP: The endogenous inhibitor of the Trypanosoma brucei Cathepsin L
Dr. Bernardo Gonzalez Baradat
Hunter College
Host: Dr. Jayne Raper


Monday May 13
A Tour of the Pore: Structural and Functional Mapping of the Nuclear Pore Complex
Dr. Michael Rout
The Rockefeller University
Host: Dr. Hualin Zhong

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