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Graduate Study
The department offers a master of arts in the biological sciences and courses taken in the MA program can later be credited toward the PhD upon acceptance into the CUNY doctoral program in biology. Interested students should obtain the Hunter College graduate catalog and contact the biology master's program adviser. Laboratory research under faculty supervision (see undergraduate research, below) is extremely valuable for gaining admission to graduate schools. Students planning to apply to graduate school should consult with their adviser as early in their college career as possible.

Professional Schools
Students who plan to apply to schools of medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine should consult with their adviser and see the preprofessional adviser in Room 812 Hunter East.

Preparation for Teaching
In cooperation with the School of Education, the Department of Biological Sciences offers opportunities for students to prepare for a teaching career in elementary and secondary schools. Major I in biology satisfies the requirements for New York State certification of at least 30 credits for teachers in adolescent education, grades 7-12. Major II in biology satisfies the requirements for New York State certification for teachers in childhood education, grades 1-6 (see below). See the School of Education section of this catalog and consult with an adviser in the School of Education for additional information and requirements.

Preparation for Biotechnology
Students interested in careers in the rapidly growing field of biotechnology should select Major I and consult with their adviser as early as possible. Advanced courses taken as electives should include BIOL410 and those special topics courses (BIOL 470- 471) that are most relevant to biotechnology. Qualified students are also encouraged to pursue the BA/MA Program in Biotechnology

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